The tanburs manufactured by me are generally at the standard of 104; however I can design them with 8 or 7 strings. I can also manufacture large tanburs at different dimensions.


The bores used are made of ebony or rosewood; main bridges are made of bone and lower bridge is made of juniper or yew trees.


I have been using a single piece old furniture hornbeam, a fragmental and pressed hornbeam, Honduras mahogany or acajou in order to prevent the neck from moving forth.


The fret system is connected with the most current system and I use up to 62 frets in my tanburs which were used in Necdet Yasar manner. If requested, I can also connect a fret at the style of Sadun Aksüt with 48 frets. Bridges and frets are exactly on their places.


I can shape the necks of the tanburs with a transparent nylon thread painted to black or polish it with its original colour and shape with a black or other coloured nylon thread at your will.


I can apply a white or yellow coloured French polish or a matt or bright varnish which is suitable for the cellulosic wood surface and does not affect the sound tuning rate during the polishing process.


The soundboard covers of the tanburs are selected among at least 10-years cut German spruces or Caucasian spruces and their resonance measurements are performed between the thickness of 1.2 mm and 1.5 mm according to their roughness and softness levels and they are thinned out as required.


The strings I use consist of 0.30 steel, 0.40 bronze and 0.60 bronze strings and are similar with the ones used by professional performers. Their dual concord is very high.


We can produce the bottoms of the tanburs with the bottoms with 19, 21 or 23 sections to be obtained through juniper, maple, mahogany, walnut, elm, rosewood, wenge, yew, palisander, sycamore ,padauk and sapele (pommela) trees or dual application of these trees. I perform wood selection by means of making an assessment in accordance with the trees stock available.


As a manufacturer, I produce my own bottoms and I do not use ready-made bottoms.


Sound acoustic in my tanburs are very broad and we can determine the tone colour according to the wood to be used.


Together with the tanbur to be ordered, the following materials will also be provided:


1 set of professional tanbur string

1 piece of plectrum made of tortoise shell at the thickness of 2.80 and 3.5 mm


1 piece of watertight tanbur cover.


You can direct the questions in your mind and receive information via telephone or personally by means of visiting my workshop.


Best regards,

Luthier Hüseyin FIRAT



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