It is important


To carry it in a protective cover;


Not to leave it close to heaters (applies to its neck as well);


To hold it at the right position (on the instrument stand, placing horizontally on a smooth surface like table, hanging on the wall or inside the tanbur cover);


To pay attention to the correct position of the bridge on the soundboard;


To carry it in public transportation vehicles with utmost care for the soundboard;


To protect the area where the player’s arm contacts with the soundboard at hot air. This is important for the maintenance of the bottom section.


Another sensitive section of the tanbur during the maintenance period is its neck. Tanbur neck consists of a long part which is approximately 104 cm together with the bore area from the bottom of the neck to the first bridge. There is totally 78,5 kg power stress on the strings. The neck tends continuously to move forth as a physical behaviour due to the stress of the strings. This causes a hole on the neck of the tanbur after a while; in other words, the neck moves forth, so as a precaution, the neck of the tanbur is graded backward instead of an absolutely straight structure. A pretention is applied to it in this way and this process extends the life of deformation during the adjustment period of the strings to the stress when the instrument is equipped with the strings for the first time.  The woods used to manufacture the neck of the tanbur as well as the way of using them depend on the preferences of the master. For the maintenance of the tanbur neck, it is required:


 To keep it away from heaters;


 To avoid of extremely humid or dry environments;


 To control its chord during the transitional periods between the hot and cold seasons and not to expose it to such transitions s much as possible and;

 Not to hit it anywhere severely (this, in turn, may cause damages on the bottom and soundboard).


 In order to protect the wood from external factors, it is required to prevent any damage for the polish applied on the surface of the bottom section.


 It is important not to drop a heavy object on it.


 It is also important to pay attention to the right position of its chord and not to have a high pitch.


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