I was born in 1976 in Istanbul. I became interested in the guitar thanks to a friend of mine upon completing my primary, secondary and high school education and after this period, I realized that music held an important place in my life.  Thus, I decided to receive a comprehensive music education. While I was researching the schools on this regard, Istanbul Tecnical Universty Music State Conservatory and particularly the instrument making section drew my attention fabulously.  I got the first place in the talent examination of the instrument making section in 1996 and I was entitled to study that program. During the period of study, I received broad knowledge and education from the estimable lecturers of our department, Dear Cafer Acın, Turhan Demireli and many other lecturers. Furthermore, I had intensive studies in terms of the tools and apparatuses which could facilitate the sound acoustic and instrument making throughout this period apart from my academic study. And finally I graduated from the university with the second degree in the department in 2001.


Decided to open my own workshop in the year of 2008 and I experienced an intensive observation period by means of spending time with estimable makers, lecturers and masters after opening my workshop.  And I finally started my workshop practices.


My main objective as a luthier is always to create the best sound while making the best instrument without making concessions from the workmanship. Performing such studies that can offer scientific development besides standard instrument making process always pleases and excites me.


I keep my researching studies intensively apart from the making and repair works for tanburs, ouds and guitars in my workshop.


Best regards,



Luthier Hüseyin FIRAT


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